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The various contents of my mind... here for you to rifle through. Critiques and feedback would be appreciated on newer works.

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Aequis: Base Tier Designs Batch 1 OPEN  1 Left! by pallanoph
Aequis: Base Tier Designs Batch 1 OPEN 1 Left!
#7. Grassland: Rust and steel still available!
Oh wow, I'm alive! And after many  many months, I have another batch of Aequis designs for sale! These are the very first run of the "base tier" designs I will be offering. They do use bases (modified so each will be different) and feature more simplistic designs and color schemes. Base tier designs will not feature rare traits, but are lovely in their own right: or at least I think so! These also represent the very cheapest designs I will offer: They do not have a full reference sheet included, though they do include either a simplified dorsal or ventral diagram for color/pattern clarification (not shown here), as well as an eye detail (included here). These simple "ref sheets" are smaller than the higher tier designs, but they can be shipped to you if you wish! Each design is drawn using Copic multiliners and colored pencils on smooth bristol paper.

Without further ado, here they are!

1. Arctic: Cinnamon. 14 hh at withers, 27 ft wingspan. Large, with feathered feet and broad wings and tail, Arctic types are heavily feathered with a large mane/ruff of feathers about their necks. Price: $40 USD. Claimed!

2. Mountain: Steel. 14 hh at withers, 28 ft wingspan. Huge and powerfully built, mountain types have particularly deep keels and strong legs. They have a long straight single crest along the back of their necks. Price: $40 USD. Claimed!

3. Southern Island: Sunny Gold. 13 hh at withers, 25 ft wingspan. Light and sleekly built, with tapering wings and a deeply forked tail ending in flags. They have a very long single crest along their neck. Price: $45 USD. Claimed!

4. Northern/Temperate Island: Ash and Embers. 13 hh at withers, 25 ft wingspan. Built for speed, while being a little more rugged than its southern kin, with long pointed wings and a rounded tail featuring two long central feathers. Their crest is shorter and stiffer than the southern. Price: $40 USD. Claimed!

5. Tropical Arboreal: Turquoise Orange, male. 10 hh at withers, 18 ft wingspan. Small, yet swift and nimble, the tropical is at home weaving through trees with his short rounded wings and long wedge shaped tail. This design is drawn as male: The tail coverts are extended and he has rounded head plumes just above his ears. Has long sleek hackle feathers instead of the traditional Aequis crest. Price: $50 USD. Claimed!

6. Temperate Arboreal (northern): Smoky Redstart. 11 hh at withers, 20 ft wingspan. Larger than tropical kin, more heavily built, with moderate length rounded wings and a long broad tail with slight wedge shape. Has a long shaggy ruff about throat with expressive crest, longest feathers at back of head. Price: $45 USD. Claimed!

7. Grassland: Rust and Steel. 11 hh at withers, 21 ft wingspan. Built to be at home on both ground and sky, this Aequis has longer legs with compact toes well suited to running. Wings are of moderate length, tail is short. In addition to having a beard of bristly feathers under the jaw, (both sexes) this type features an expressive crest running in two rows along the back of the neck. Price: $45 USD.

8. Desert: Bronze Sands. 13.2 hh at withers, 27 ft wingspan. A capable flier and sprinter, the desert type has wide toes to stay atop shifting sands. They also have loose feathering and areas of exposed skin, which is dark in color. Crest is extremely expressive and composed of long loose drooping feathers, and is complimented with long plumes growing off they "eyebrows." Price: $45 USD. Claim made!

TO CLAIM: Leave a comment stating the number of the Aequis you wish to purchase. Payments must be made via Paypal only! I do not accept points or other offers at this time. Once I approve your claim, you must have funds sent to me within 72 hours or the design will be put up as available again. If you would like your Aequis art shipped, please add $5 for orders within the US, or $7 for international shipping. Otherwise you will receive a high res scanned file of your purchased design.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask!

Aequis, art, designs (C) April Schumacher. For use by buyers only. Thank you!
Custom Aequis: Steller's Jay by pallanoph
Custom Aequis: Steller's Jay
My second custom Aequis design, this one is based off a Steller's jay for FireMaster13! I have a soft spot for corvids, and even though I have yet to encounter a Steller's Jay myself (only blue jays here!) I was ecstatic to work on this one. (Also blue, because it's my favorite color. :XD: )

This fellow is also an oddball in that he is a hybrid, between a mountain type and a temperate arboreal type with an unusual tail shape that speaks of southern arboreal type ancestry. (We had a lot of fun mashing various type traits together for this guy... playing mad geneticist, haha!)

Custom Aequis are open for the foreseeable future! Send a note (or a comment, sure!) if you have questions. I need to sort out my links and relevant information... 

Materials: Caran d'Ache supracolor (watercolor) colored pencils, Derwent colored pencils, Winsor and Newton watercolors with touches of gouache, Copic multiliners (text) on Arches 140 lb hot pressed watercolor paper, 11x14".

Aequis species, design, art (C) April Schumacher
This character (C) FireMaster13

Please do not plagiarize, repurpose, etc., Aequis designs are currently only available through me. 
Constant Companions by pallanoph
Constant Companions
Pyrography + color portrait commission for Riitual of two very special horses. :aww:

This is probably the first successful effort I've made with this particular brand of mixed media painting, usually the acrylic dominates the woodburned aspect and becomes just a painting on wood, with some texture. Not the case this time!

Woodburning (standard craft woodburning tool, nothing fancy), acrylic glazes (Golden brand acrylics with matte medium and acrylic glazing liquid) on basswood, approx. 11x14".

Art (C) April Schumacher. Please do not use for profit, plagiarize, etc., thank you! :)
Pinus Resinosa by pallanoph
Pinus Resinosa
MORE sepia ink?

My pallanoph character Sorstan with one of his "representative" plants, in this case, the red pine, hence the title of this piece. It's no secret I absolutely adore pines.

Higgins non-waterproof sepia calligraphy ink, with Daler-Rowney sepia acrylic ink and touches of white ink for the needles. Paper is Stonehenge, 9x12".

Sorstan, pallanophs, and art (C) April Schumacher. Please do not use/plagiarize/claim copyright, etc. thank you!
Mucha by pallanoph
A memorial portrait for my giant plakat betta, Mucha, who passed away this September after losing a battle with dropsy, while I was on vacation, no less. I thought he deserved a little portrait, since his "copper" coloration was so beautiful in life. There are others I need to pay tribute to, as well.

Caran d'Ache and Derwent colored pencils on Canson black paper, 5x7".

Art (C) April Schumacher. Please do not use without my permission, thank you.

Nice to have something other than boring mammals in the gallery now and again. Even if you may not agree.

Alright! I thought I would start with some basic information on the Aequis. As of this point in time, Aequis designs can only be purchased from me, or from others reselling designs at a maximum of $5 more than what they originally paid for the design.

When posting art of the designs bought, all you need to do is credit me as the creator of Aequis/design in question and you're good to go. The character is all yours!

Minor edits are fine, so long as the design resembles the original. If you've got any questions on this, feel free to ask!

The age of the character, sex, personality, location, etc. are all up to the buyer.

Someday I might consider doing a multiple design option, if someone would like to have more than one. I'll have to figure out how to approach this. (Some folks might not want their Aequis to be lonely, though they could always socialize with others, ha!)

I am also hoping to add a range of designs in different price tiers, depending on complexity of design, whether or not bases are used to create them, and reference sheets that come with them. All of them will have final art done traditionally and will be eligible for shipping, $5 domestic (US) or $10 international, based on average shipping costs. Otherwise, a high-res file of the original art will be sent to the buyer.

Base tier: Offered in groups (by type, i.e. grassland, arctic, island, forest, etc.) varied bases will be used, designs will be simplified (no time consuming patterns!) These won't have a full ref sheet included with the design, but the original art will be available. Estimated price range: $25-45 USD. Prices subject to change!

Intermediate: unique poses for each design, moderate pattern/color complexity, reference sheet included. Estimated price range: $60-85 USD.

Complex: Highly detailed design, complex/unusual traits/coloration, uniquely posed, full reference sheet. May apply to “semi-domestic” designs. Estimated price range: $95-115+ USD.

Customs: Starting at $85 USD. Reference sheet included, give as many details as you need! More complex requests will cost more. Ask for a quote if interested!

Some other things to consider/basic information:

They can be conditioned to work alongside humans or other beings if they are well cared for and given some freedom and the respect they demand.

Tendency towards social/solitary behavior has a lot to do with subspecies in question. Arctic types form smaller groups/tend towards solitary lifestyle. Grassland/forest types have more access to food and space, so they will be more social and live in larger groups.

Aequis prefer to live in areas with hilly to mountainous terrain. Anything that gives them a good vantage point to observe from/take off makes life easier. Cliffs, bluffs, plateaus, mountains, hills, (giant trees?) will be where they make their nests/found their communities.

They are carnivorous! Under the beaked upper lip are very sharp, almost serrated teeth they use to slice into flesh, swallowing chunks whole. The shorter carnivorous digestive tract allows them to weigh less, and also allows them to make use of more nutrient dense animal proteins. They hunt by striking their prey from above with their hard, sharp hooves, any killing blows that need to be made (if at all) after the attack are delivered with the sharp, curved inner toes, which easily puncture even tough hides. The majority of the meal is eaten on the ground, after which the leftovers are broken up with battering hooves and carried off to other flock members/young.

Aequis are oviparous, and lay clutches from 1-2 eggs at a time, rarely 3-4. (Highly dependent on food levels.) Young take 3-5 years to fledge, and in many circumstances, are looked after by both parents and other members of the flock/community. Young regularly intermingle from an early age.

The average lifespan of an Aequis in the wild is 40-60 years. They may live longer in areas with plenty of food or with other beings providing for them.

They are an intelligent species! Think advanced corvids/primates. They have their own language, and can be taught others, though they may not learn/express these additional languages as well as their own. Many are, however, excellent mimics, and can be convinced to act as messengers. In some cases, an Aequis can accommodate a rider, provided the rider is light and good at holding on. Aequis will only permit those that respect them to ride them. (Pretty much all favors depend on the person being decent to the Aequis and respecting their terms.)

Aequis do not inbreed! Recessive traits are RARELY consistent as a result. Therefore, any odd design quirks that do not regularly occur will be treated as rare.

Subspecies can cross, this is most likely to occur where their ranges overlap.

Semi-domestic types exist with humans or other sentients, but unlike domesticated animals on earth, Aequis do not exist in extreme forms, due to aforementioned taboo of inbreeding. Varying color schemes may arise, or feather types, but overall, no extremes in form, and nothing that would hinder the health, function, and livelihood of the individual. (There is NO breeding for pigment deficiencies, though they sometimes occur on accident.) There will be no brachycephaly, intentional dwarfism, or over-feathering to the point where an animal can't properly fly.

If you really wanted to, you could dye their feathers, I suppose. Though with molting, it'd have to be a repeated task!

If you have a question, feel free to ask it so I can come up with a proper FAQ for them!

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April Schumacher
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
A freelance illustrator that graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, May 2008. Currently living in St. Paul MN, AKA "Pig's Eye Landing." :B

Interested mainly in book illustration and creature design. Currently fettered by her involvement in personal projects/world development for a novel in progress. Also suffering from "sketch syndrome."

She has also worked with Orion Group Publishers in London, as well as creating promotional works for local musicians.

Artist Rights by taruto Do not use any work in my gallery in any way without my permission. This includes blatant plagiarism in all of its forms, which is not the same as "inspiration." (Please use your own creativity.) If you wish to ask for my permission, please take use of dA's convenient note system as opposed to posting on my profile page. Please and thank you. :thanks:

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: All art contained within this gallery is to me, April Schumacher. All rights reserved.

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