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The various contents of my mind... here for you to rifle through. Critiques and feedback would be appreciated on newer works.

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Aequis: design sale batch 1 by pallanoph
Aequis: design sale batch 1
Minor price adjustment! I can't knock them down any lower, sorry!

Batch one of the Aequis are up! Each of them has a full ref sheet that will be sent to the buyer. This round is a test, so the prices are a little bit lower for the time being so I can gauge demand. All of them are unique in shape, size, and color, and drawn in colored pencil, gouache, and watercolor. (Lots of time was spent on their sheets!)

Owners get to decide personality, sex, etc. of the character. Designs can only be re-sold for the price paid for them. If interested, the ref sheets can be shipped domestic free of charge (+$5 USD for shipping anywhere outside the US). For the time being, Aequis can only be bought from me. 

For more information on the Aequis, you can either ask me or visit my tumblr and browse the "aequis" tag.

#1: A grassland type, fast moving and brightly colored. This type tends to be a bit smaller than some other types, but not at the expense of their attitude and personality. This one has a double crest at the top of their head and a bristly beard under the chin.

Available for $55 USD. Payments made through paypal only! Comment to claim. Payments must be made within 48 hours of placing claim. For the sake of keeping things tidy, I won't be taking holds at this moment. 

#2: A large Aequis of the arctic variety, this individual is coated in a thick layer of insulating feathers, right down to their toes. These are some of the largest known Aequis.

Available for $75 USD because of design complexity. (And resulting near tendonitis) Comment to claim!

#3: An islander, this sleek individual is good example of the seafaring type with long pointed wings and tail streamers. 

Available for $55 USD. Comment to claim!

Again, any questions or suggestions, feel free to throw them at me. I don't bite!

Aequis and art © April Schumacher.
Beet Kirin by pallanoph
Beet Kirin
This one just about gave me tendonitis, especially given the fact that I was moving back and forth between this and another colored pencil commission. Break time. 

The third kirin in the produce inspired series, this fellow is based on one of my favorites, a beet root. YUM. Unlike the others, he's on a full 9 x 12" sheet (22.86 x 30.5 cm) and is therefor going for a higher price: $90 USD, which includes shipping. Payment via paypal only!

Thank you for looking! There will be more coming when I have time for them/when my elbows stop screaming.

Colored pencil (primarily Derwent and Caran d'Ache with some unshattered old Prismacolors here and there) on Strathmore toned paper.

Art © April Schumacher. Please do not plagiarize, use for profit, or claim copyright, please and thank you!
Leaving Runes by pallanoph
Leaving Runes
More Mirthond! She's the leader of the Skirdet tribe, along with her mate, Orstad. (But let's be honest: she's the one that does the work and keeps the order.)

She's using a bone tool to mark an old tree with a territorial boundary message. For more permanent record keeping, pallanophs take notes on stone, trees, etc. Everything else is communicated through word of mouth. These tribal boundary markers notify ambassadors from other tribes of their location as well as warn exiles that their lives are forfeit beyond that point.

Unfortunately, I'm hardly a linguist, so I can't fathom coming up with a runic language for pallanophs. However! If given the incentive, a pallanoph will not only learn the languages of their surrounding tribes, but they may learn to speak (and read) the languages of humans around them. It's good to learn about your neighbors, right?

The leather cord she is wearing on her right forelimb is likely a token of human alliance. (So not jewelry, but an identifying mark of rank for humans to identify her by.)

Mirthond, pallanophs, and art © April Schumacher. Please do not plagiarize/use for profit/claim copyright, thank you! :D
Aequis debut: Shirk by pallanoph
Aequis debut: Shirk
Shirk isn't this fellow's real name, but it's what everyone calls him, because shirking is what he does. He's too smart for his own good, and derails from any task he's given. He's a kind soul, but he has problems when it comes to getting along with others. Not intentionally, of course! Let's just say he's frustrating.

I've been playing with this concept for quite some time, and now that they have taken shape and been given a species name, I'll be offering designs for sale in the near future. This is a taste of what to expect. All designs will be unique and without the use of bases, all will be done traditionally with watercolor/colored pencil. (I do not have the capacity to be doing these digitally at the moment, trust me on this.)

If you want to learn more about the Aequis, check out my tumblr: (All relevant posts will be tagged "Aequis")
Otherwise, I'll answer questions here.

(Where the frig do I even submit this?)

Aequis species, art, and "Shirk" © April Schumacher. Please don't plagiarize, trace, or claim copyright, do your own work. (It builds character and keeps people from chewing your hands off.)
Almalthea: The Last by pallanoph

Starting bid: $60 USD
Autobuy: $300 USD
Auction ends on March 20th, 12:00 AM CT. 58 Hours currently remaining!

The bidding chain will form under my comment at the bottom of this journal. $3 minimum bid increase, and please reply to the previous bidder's comment to let them know they have been outbid. I think this is a system that will make it easiest for everyone!

The owner of the winning bid will be notified once the auction has ended, and payment should be made within 4 days. If not, the next highest bid will be selected. Paypal only! As much as I would like to take non-monetary offers, there are bills to pay and art is my living. 

Likely question: Why the high start bid? For original traditional work, is it really that much? Plus, shipping is included in this price. I'm taking a risk with auctioning it instead of selling it for a much higher flat price. (Remember, please, art is a luxury item and not a commodity, and it is priced as such.)

Thank you for looking! :) If you have any questions, just ask. I'll have non-auctioned originals up for sale in the next couple of weeks, and a couple of special projects in the works. 
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April Schumacher
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
A freelance illustrator that graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, May 2008. Currently living in St. Paul MN, AKA "Pig's Eye Landing." :B

Interested mainly in book illustration and creature design. Currently fettered by her involvement in personal projects/world development for a novel in progress. Also suffering from "sketch syndrome."

She has also worked with Orion Group Publishers in London, as well as creating promotional works for local musicians.

Artist Rights by taruto Do not use any work in my gallery in any way without my permission. This includes blatant plagiarism in all of its forms, which is not the same as "inspiration." (Please use your own creativity.) If you wish to ask for my permission, please take use of dA's convenient note system as opposed to posting on my profile page. Please and thank you. :thanks:

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: All art contained within this gallery is to me, April Schumacher. All rights reserved.

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