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September 9, 2011
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Final Warning by pallanoph Final Warning by pallanoph
Kids draw/paint/scribble blood on practically anything imaginable all of the time, so this probably won't be getting a filter on it. :icondealwithitplz:

Perhaps an explanation for this is necessary? I shall attempt to do so.

Given the fact that pallanophs live in what you could call a parallel universe that shares much in common with our own world, I'd been debating which species on this planet would be living alongside pallanophs in their world. Given the overwhelming popularity of wolves on this site (can anyone explain this phenomenon?) I was forced to wonder if they could feasibly coexist alongside pallanophs. I'd discussed this topic with a few friends and am beginning to think that, no, that would likely get messy, especially if there were to be a sudden shortage in prey. One must acknowledge that pallanophs are opportunists and very capable, so that if a hungry pack of wolves were to foolishly cross into a pallanoph's territory out of desperation, it would end quite badly. Just... run away, you woofs! And if you must stand against some lone pallanoph for whatever illogical reason, do make sure it's something smaller than the Andirg male in this scene.

For the record, since this comes up now and again, pallanophs are not intended to be related to canines of any sort. The concept amuses me, seeing as how I'm hardly capable of canine anatomy and it takes up more of my effort than it should, as you can see here. Ugh. (Then again, we don't ALL need to draw wolves, do we? I think not.) All the same, good practice, I suppose. :shrug:

I like drawing fight scenes. Even if they don't make much sense. :XD:

Experimental piece: Derwent Graphitint pencils, soluble graphite, some sepia ink... in a very unfortunate sketchbook. It didn't like having this done to it at all.

This is a rough study, but if you see things you'd like to tell me about, by all means give a critique. All comments are welcome.

Art and pallanoph species April Schumacher

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this is just the best I hope it kills them all send in the greywolfaboos next I love how some of the comments are trying to justify what a wolf would really do or why people are so obsessed with them their wild animals they are unpredictable they attack and get killed by things all the time or not depends on what they do at that moment "THEIR SO SMERTS they'd never waste their energy! they'd live peacerferaly!" no...just no I saw wolves attack a bison bite his heels piss him off and guess what, two less shitty wolves in the world not to mention theres this place with old mine shafts the oh so intelligent wolves keep dropping dead in, quite literally their now extinct in that area or that time they were owned by a bear and a moose and etc. so yes they are stupid enough to do far more then waste time and energy stop comparing them to something more akin to an ape their not though I have to admit a wolf is far more intelligent then a greywolfaboo as for all this greywolfabooism it's all those shitty movies and stories ignorant shits take to heart I'd never let any child near I'd show them documentaries on animals to save them from becoming an :insertanimalhere:aboo I still watch animal documentaries all the time pisses my kid sister off XD she doesn't care for any particular animal I think it may have worked then early education does defeat the stupidity
Knichtus Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I don't see why wolves would be going after pallanoph prey anyway, they aren't stupid. Lol Wolves and Hyenas typically won't waste energy on competing with larger/dangerous extremely aggressive predators like bears, lions, badgers or wolverines for it would cost them less energy to just run off and catch another bit of large prey or scavenge. If anything a pallanoph would come after their kill and they would just see if they can get keep it away long enough to get a fill and run or abandon all hope and just flee, that way conserving members and energy, wolves won't attack bears normally unless they really have no choice. Pallanophs are more likely to have competition from large predators that aren't as successful hunting like animals who can bully smaller group hunters away from kills. Bears. As such I don't understand why you say your bad at canine anatomy because actually your fairly decent at it, and as much as I try to see the pallanophs not as candid like creatures. But they are Equine-Canine-Cervidae-Llama creatures to me and very much most of their anatomy seems to have candid influence even if its not inteded, the body form of a stable endurance runner the common body type belonging to the all canine, the head has more equine in it but I can still feel the candid or even ursine of the Dog-type animal in the skull. Even in like history horse and wolves has some type of connection.

Again just my two scents, I otherwise like the piece, always loved browsing your traditional work, however I can understand why people would make the connection with canines, as such as im working on learning creature design and studying anatomy i try to study influences so, I do like the pallanoph concept.
MotherrofMayhem Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2012  Student General Artist
That one wolf in the back XD
Hareguizer Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011
No, I can't imagine they'd have a peaceful coexistence. Not in the North anyway, where they're likely to be competing for the same prey. It makes me wonder, what pressure do Pallanophs exert on other predators? Would they benefit from them (like bears do, scavenging wolf kills) or would they persecute them, like wolves do with foxes, coyotes and other mesopredators?
mywolfsoul Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
Poor wolfies lol I bet i have something that would be a better match :P
MatthewOnArt Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I agree with you on the whole Wolf obsession thing: WHY!?
IDK what it is about wolves that make them so Charming (not exactly the word I'd use), let alone "SO SPESHUL!!!!1!111"
anyways, wonderful job on this piece, I particularly like the Blood effect :)
MistingWolf Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Run, wolfies, run! D:

You're right, though. I don't think wolves and pallanophs would be able to coexist, unless the wolves were either larger to be more of a match, or smaller, so they wouldn't be preying on the same species for food.
RabidMaggot93 Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011
I love this piece!

This is actually the first artwork I have seen from you, Pallanoph, but I love them already. Your species are about as far from wolves as I have ever seen; the faces remind me somewhat of Chinese Dragons. Perhaps it is the elongated body too, but I love the Wolves expressions also - especially the wolf who just got his jaw dislocated and I presume the right side of his muzzle ripped off in the process!

For some reason the thing that springs to mind is a hormonal 'teenage' Pallanoph that the Wolves decided to pick on (or he/she was just suffering from teenage angst) and decided to take out the frustrations on the Wolves. Thats what I got the first time I looked at this picture!

Mabs :3
PinkPonyFarts Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
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